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Fear of Mixing Out: Adventures in Mixed Reality Live Productions

Dr. Patrick Parra Pennefather

May 7th, 2021 | 3:00 - 4:30PM (PST)

This presentation proposes an experimental approach to the idea of mixed reality development through a combination of project descriptions, teaching stories and research initiatives. Pennefather has mixed realities since his birth in this virtual reality experiment gone wrong. He’s designed sound for live and virtual productions, conducts research at the intersections of the real and virtual, and teaches hybrid learning environments. He’s an Assistant Professor co-appointed with UBC Theatre and Film teaching sound design, mentoring and conducting research, and at the Master of Digital Media Program where he’s supervised and mentored over 50 client-based digital media projects with Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, game, dance and theatre companies, researchers and xR development including AR, MR and VR. He’s a faculty in residence at the Emerging Media Lab at UBC where he’s principal investigator exploring real-time technologies that merge humans in different locations onto the same virtual background.

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